7 Marketing Trends to Jump on in 2022

2022 will be the year of risk-taking in marketing. Your marketing team will need to be all set to welcome brand-new methods and approach their work from new angles. The wealth of new and innovative digital marketing efforts supply lots of directions to take your marketing efforts. The important thing is constructing a reliable technique for your company. Our 2022 The State of In-Housing Report shares some unique trends for marketing, and we’re looking closely on top seven below. Firstly, here are the top trends we’ll be covering:

  1. Video marketing
  2. Material is still king
  3. Harnessing the power of data
  4. Social media material
  5. Virtual occasions
  6. Influencer marketing
  7. Personalisation 


social image state of in-housing launch blog

< img class=” aligncenter wp-image-19624 size-full “src=” https://www.bannerflow.com/app/uploads/blog_social_1200x600_inhouse.jpg” alt=” social image state of in-housing launch blog” width= “1200” height =” 600″ > 1. Video marketing Video marketing is commonly acknowledged as the future of marketing activity. Our report discovered that 26% of respondents plan to increase their in-house online video skillsets, which is an action to just how powerful video can be. In addition, Google reports that YouTube reaches more 18–– 49-year-olds than all cable networks combined. Photo and video posts also generate more engagement than those using simply text.

Integrating video into your technique can not be an afterthought for any organisation. It provides a big opportunity to connect to a larger audience and build trust. It helps provide customers a much better understanding and feel for your brand and humanises it.

2. Content is still king

Almost half of the respondents in our State of In-Housing Report said need for content has increased in the last twelve months. Content marketing is the foundation of an efficient technique and connects business directly with their consumers. Great material develops reliability for any company. A consistent supply of high quality, well-researched and relevant material reveals new consumers your experience and trustworthiness. Reliable storytelling helps to make your business something others wish to engage with, whatever channels or media you pick to use.

3. Harnessing the power of information

36% of respondents in our report validated they are advancing their data-driven analytics strategy to develop more customised content. Data is one of the most powerful and valuable assets any company has and taking advantage of it is crucial to inform an effective marketing strategy. One respondent, Rob Foster, senior specialist at marketing and communications management expert at The Observatory International, informed us, “Having data, analytics and innovation experts sit internal is a wise move…… since if you understand your consumer organization better, it gives you a much better platform to consider what your marketing and interactions to consumers need to appear like.”.

In addition, harnessing the power of your information helps to paint a better photo of your customers and their behaviour. This permits you to customize your digital marketing efforts more straight.

4. Social Network Material

The hard sell on social networks is a distant memory. Rather, marketing requires to approach social networks material with a story-driven method to draw in clients and boost engagement throughout the most popular social networks channels in 2022. Social media is also another space where you need to consider your video and visual content. High-quality images must become part of your method, especially across LinkedIn and Instagram, and to stick out among rivals, you should optimise every component of your social networks strategy. You can’t simply schedule periodic posts or share things when you seem like it. You require to build a solid schedule that is just as properly designed and thought out as other aspects of your digital marketing strategy. Additionally, a well-planned out method is easier to handle and provide than ad-hoc posting.

5. Virtual Occasions

A study by Bizzabo discovered a 34% increase in virtual occasion participation in 2021 and a more than 250% increase in live-streaming presence. Individuals appreciate and take pleasure in the opportunity to go to events that may be impossible to gain access to in person. Virtual events are also a cost-efficient service for companies and increase reach and brand name awareness. Virtual events aren’t merely an alternative for small organisations. Progressively, larger companies are also acknowledging their worth. Success in virtual events is connected closely to the quality of your video content and ensuring there is sufficient budget plan to be successful in this medium. Our research study recognises that companies are more devoted to purchasing online video ability sets internal. These abilities can likewise be implemented hosting and arranging virtual events. Platforms like YouTube Live, Twitter Live, and Zoom increase opportunities for participatory virtual events.

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an essential part of some companies’ marketing techniques. Nevertheless, for others it is a totally new effort for others. In 2022, influencer marketing is set to become a common marketing strategy. Our Report found 38% of participants are increasing their online influencer engagement in the future. Above all, your company’ objectives will drive your approach to influencer marketing. Still, business are identifying the power of influencers who aren’t necessarily hitting the hundreds of thousands or countless followers’ mark. There is a growing trend towards micro-influencers that permit services to take advantage of their specific niche more carefully. Micro-influencers have smaller sized fan numbers however an excellent performance history for their level of engagement with the fans they do have. Discovering the best micro-influencers for your brand can provide you direct access to targeted leads perfect for your organization.

7. Personalisation

Driving all trends in digital marketing is a commitment to and move towards personalisation. Enhancing your message to reach as lots of people as possible simply isn’t efficient in 2022. Customising your marketing projects delivers higher levels of engagement, triggers conversation and attracts brand-new customers. A terrific example of personalisation is the much-loved #SpotifyWrapped function that generates a buzz every year. To achieve personalisation in your marketing campaigns, you need to make the most of your information and analysis and recognise the value of design. Personalised projects must reflect your constant branding and design, which likewise opts for your marketing too. Our creative management platform makes it simple to develop real-time updates to your consistently branded advertisements and campaigns with ease.

Dominate Digital Marketing in 2022

In conclusion, marketing in 2022 might mean taking things in a brand-new direction to your normal method. It may include introducing more visuals, video and considering personalisation at every touchpoint. Explore how marketing companies are already accomplishing this and plan to do so moving forward in our 2022 The State of In-Housing Report.

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